International Business Studies

  • wählbar für die folgenden Ausbildungsrichtungen: Gesundheit, Sozialwesen, Technik, Wirtschaft
  • wählbar für die folgenden Jahrgangsstufen: 12 und 13

In International Business Studies, or short IBS, we focus on three different topics:

  1. applying on international markets
  2. leading international teams
  3. introducing a product on international markets.

The subject is predominantly project based and is taught bilingually – though it must be said that there is a slight focus on English. You are wrong here if you expect vocabulary and grammar drills. This does not mean, however, that you should not strive for accuracy and excellence as ambition, perseverance, and open-mindedness have always been key skills and will always be. You are right here if you are curious and ready to explore the world of international relations, and if your native tongue and cultural traditions of your home country are not your last final frontier.

In applying on international markets we identify skills needed on the markets of the 21st century and examine what it needs to craft a successful letter of application and a resume and how to make them outstanding. In this respect, creativity should not be omitted as a driving force.

Leading international teams lays a focus on intercultural differences and how to bridge the cultural gap. What does it need to work successfully and live together in a globalized world in which conflict and misunderstanding seem to endanger world peace and conjure up the specters and ghosts of wars and hostilities? Is there a framework or common endeavor that helps us to reach our goals?

Finally, we will consider how to successfully place a product on international markets and how to avoid blundering into the intercultural trap. In a project you will come up with ideas of which product to produce and when and how to place it on the world markets.

In a nutshell, if you like thinking outside the box, International Business Studies might be an enrichment, may make you reconsider cultural stereotypes and open your mind, and might set you on track for a career in an ever more globalized world.

Johanna & Rebecca